I am an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Brown University. In my research, I’m broadly interested in the intersection of computer graphics with artificial intelligence and machine learning: I build intelligent machines that understand the visual world and can help people be visually creative. This entails developing technologies that do things such as:

Much of my group's current work focuses on analyzing, modeling, and synthesizing 3D scenes and the objects that comprise them. My research is funded by gifts from Adobe, Pixar, and NVIDIA, as well as grants from DARPA and the National Science Foundation, including an NSF CAREER Award.

I received my PhD from Stanford University, where I worked with Pat Hanrahan in the Graphics Lab and with Noah Goodman in the Computation and Cognition Lab. I received my undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley.

March 2020
Won an NSF CAREER Award for work on Learning Neurosymbolic 3D Models.
March 2020
My PhD advisor, Pat Hanrahan, won a Turing Award!
February 2020
Check out our new state-of-the-art report (to be presented at Eurographics 2020) on Learning Generative Models of 3D Structures.
November 2019
PhD student Kai Wang announced as a recipient of the Adobe Research Fellowship. Congratulations, Kai!
October 2019
In Seoul, South Korea to present Yifan Liu's and Roulan Tang's work on style compatibility for Unity assets at Pacific Graphics.